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  • Spotlight on Incognito Sport Sunglasses

    Xezo is rolling out its new Incognito sport sunglasses line - just in time for summer! This brand new limited-edition collection of Incognito versatile sport sunglasses are designed for high-octane sport activities, such as fishing, golf, hiking, cycling, triathlon  and even recreating skiing.

    the Incognito sunglasses are handcrafted using solid titanium. Each pair of glasses is finished in a unique semi-gloss metallic finish. This is also Xezo’s 2nd line of sunglasses to feature Base 8 curvature of the frame. The thick eye-rims and massive temples complement curved shape of the frame. This combination of solid titanium with durable polycarbonate lenses ensures maximum protection from the elements, while maintaining durability during rough sports activities. Despite the solid materials used in the design, the sunglasses remain incredibly lightweight, with each pair weighing less than 50 grams (around 1.7 oz). Being a top class sport sunglasses the Incognito series still remain a luxury accessory thanks to the luxurious finish of the frame and carefully selected colors of lenses that can match a variety of attire and so, pair well even with a business suit.

    The four models of Incognito sport sunglasses each contain a distinct lens color to suit one’s personal taste  - brown-bronze, black, gray or dark gray, depending on the model. All the lenses are made of poly-carbonate material which is impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and polarized (category 3 filter). While the advanced polarized film on the lenses eliminates glare, it also enhances the colors which the eye perceives. Additionally, the lenses offer above 99% protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

    Be sure to get your pair today and enjoy the great outdoors!


    Incognito 1400 A (shown above)                                               Incognito 1400 B (shown above)



    Incognito 1400 G (shown above)                                                 Incognito 1400 GR (shown above)

  • Spotlight on unite4:good

    In 2014, Xezo launched into a partnership with unite4:good, a non-profit foundation whose mission is to ‘inspire global citizens to embrace positivity and acts of kindness, leading to worldwide collaboration and good will.’ Xezo is pleased to be supporting such a worthy organization, and would like to take a moment to provide some insight into our partnership with unite4:good.

    Originally founded by Mr. Anthony Melikov, unite4:good has now grown to include programs benefiting children and adults in both the United States and worldwide. These programs include scholarship, volunteer, job assistance, advocate and donation programs. Unite4:good currently partners with major non-profit organizations, in addition to prominent figures such as Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Former President Bill Clinton, Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama, among others.

    Xezo entered into a partnership with unite4:good in the hopes of furthering their mission both financially and as a partner to communicate unite4:good’s mission to Xezo customers. As the first manufacturer selected by unite4:good to launch a luxury line of limited edition and collectible accessories, Xezo strives to produce a uniquely designed and aesthetically pleasing collections which provides both high quality and pivotal growth of the unite4:good movement. In October 2014, Xezo launched its first collection of Xezo for unite4:good Incognito, Freelancer and Tribune pens, and in late December 2014, the Incognito and Air Commando line of watches launched and augmented by the addition of the Maestro sterling silver pen series. A portion of the proceeds will go directly towards the unite4:good foundation. Additionally, each purchase of a Xezo for unite4:good item comes with an informational brochure, providing an overview of unite4:good and how individuals can become involved with the foundation.

    One of the most exciting unite4:good events of the year is the unite4:humanity event, which brings together ‘Hollywood icons, humanitarians, stars, entertainment industry leaders, top musical artists and everyday heroes’ to pay tribute to heroes. This year’s gala will take place February 19  in Los Angeles. To find out more information about this event, as well as to support unite4:good, please visit www.unite4good.com. You can join in the unite4:good conversation by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.


    wilmer valderrama_Air_Commando

    Actor Wilmer Valderrama sporting a Xezo for unite4:good Air Commando watch!

  • Fountain Pen Resurgence

    Fountain pens have long been in existence; in fact, skilled writers have used them for more than 5,000 years. Archaeologists have discovered early fountain pens that date back to the 10th century and even earlier. However, it wasn’t until the1800s that a large number of inventors began patenting their fountain pen designs.

    Throughout time, fountain pens have evolved, and while some may believe that this mode of writing is outdated, fountain pens prove to remain popular worldwide. According to a 2012 article by the BBC, Amazon fountain pen sales doubled in 2012, when compared with the same period in 2011.

    With this surge in fountain pen sales, designs have become more varied and intricate. Several pen makers, such as Aurora and Parker, cater their designs to female and adolescent fountain pen enthusiasts.

    The BBC article asserts several theories as to why fountain pens have seen resurgence in popularity. One reason may be due to the fact that fountain pens are now seen as becoming more of a luxury accessory than a writing tool for some people who collect them. Another factor may be that people relish returning to solid, traditional objects to make sense of a difficult and complex world.

    Pen shows are also helping to keep fountain pen enthusiasts engaged. Pen shows throughout the US occur in cities such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Xezo is currently planning on participating in various trade shows in 2015… stayed tuned for more information!

    Xezo currently manufactures two distinct styles of fountain nibs; both are German-crafted.  The Xezo standard medium-line fountain nib is bi-colored and contains 18K gold plating. In addition to fountain nibs being available for the Maestro, Legionnaire, Freelancer, Raptor and Phantom series, these fountain nibs will soon be available for the Incognito LG, Architect and new Golden Gate series. Additionally, Xezo manufacturers a solid 18K fine-line fountain nib which is currently available for the Maestro series of pens.

    Sources: bbc.com, calibremagazine.com, captainchang.com

  • Great Watches for Summer

    Continuing with the theme of summer, we are going to take a look at some casual watches which are great for summer. We are going to highlight some brightly colored, sport watches made of lighter materials, such as rubber. These watches not only look stylish, but are functional and have an affordable price tag!

    1)    G-Shock Classic Series

    G-Shock is one popular brand for sport watches which are fun to wear daily. Many watches within their Classic collection are affordable at $160 or less. Features of the Classic series watches include: Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, Tough Solar, Tide Graph and Moon Age/Phase Data, and 200M Water Resistant & Shock Resistant.



    Model: GWX8900C-3


    Photo credit: www.gshock.com

    2)    Timex Ironman 30-Lap Rugged

    The Ironman series watches from Timex have 30-Lap Memory Recall, 100-Hour Chronograph with Lap and Split Times, 99-Lap Counter, 24-hour countdown timer, 3 customizable alarms, 3 time zone settings, 15 preset occasions to set reminders, just to name a few features. Additionally, the watch band is made of durable resin and is water resistant up to 100 meters.



    Model: Ironman 30-Lap Rugged


    Photo Credit: www.timex.com

    3)    TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

    Priced from $199.99, the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch features Indoor/Outdoor Run Tracker, Bike Mount and a Swim Sensor… and of course, GPS, which has received rave reviews from customers. If you elect optional features such as a Heart Rate Monitor, Cadence/Speed Sensors and a Built-in Altimeter, the price will climb up to $299.99.

    blog 2_3


    Model: Multi-Sport GPS Watch

    From $199.99

    Photo Credit: www.tomtom.com


    Xezo will be introducing fifteen new watch models, during the months of November and December. Some of these watch models will be produced in conjunction with Xezo’s new partnership with unite4:good, a non-profit organization whose mission is to unite us all in bringing more good in the world. Find out more about unite4:good at: http://www.unite4good.org/.

    These 15 new models will feature the 4th generation of the now legendary Air Commando series, which will also be produced as a Swiss-made chronograph, GMT automatic version, and the specially coveted version fitted with Valjoux 7750 automatic movement.

    In addition, Xezo is resurrecting one of the most popular models originally produced in 2005—the Incognito model.

  • Sport Sunglasses

    It’s summer time… which means more people are able to enjoy the great outdoors. Many people choose to protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses while outdoors. An alternative to traditional fashion sunglasses are sport sunglasses.

    Sport sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Sport sunglasses can not only provide better optical quality and sport performance, but can also be equally as stylish. While well-known brands such as Oakley and Smith have long been selling sport sunglasses, luxury brands such as Gucci have also ventured into producing sport sunglasses.

    The main way that sport sunglasses differ from traditional sunglasses is the way sport sunglasses seek to improve optical quality. Sport sunglasses focus on improving vision by reducing certain wavelengths into the eye, leading to less sensitivity. Additionally, sport sunglasses diminish glare by using polarized and often times, polycarbonate lenses. Some models of sports sunglasses lenses are also able to be switched out with prescription lenses, allowing for wear outside of sport activities.

    In addition to the optical quality which sport sunglasses aim to improve, they also seek to be lightweight and are made with materials such as polyamide and nylon, which are lightweight, yet able to handle a multitude of outdoor environments.  All of these factors combined may give athletes better performance.

    Xezo is pleased to announce that it has produced its own Air Commando and Incognito series of sport sunglasses made of 100% pure titanium. The Air Commando series is fitted with anti-reflection mirror-coated lenses, while the Incognito series features a larger frame and wider lens coverage than the Air Commando series. In addition, the new Incognito series features a proprietary semi-gloss finish on the frame in unique brush coffee and charcoal finishes. Both of these series will be available for sale beginning in Fall 2014.

  • Swiss Watches: A Dream Come True!

    Swiss watches are made in the marvelous country of Switzerland. Swiss watches are as varied as the Swiss landscape, providing excellent options for a diverse customer base. Many people who love Swiss-made watches, would like to know more about the history of these watches. These watches are very unique in their quality and reliability, and their reputation continues to grow. The users and lovers of Swiss-made watches are found everywhere.

    Swiss watches are also referred to by the French word for Swiss, “Suisse”. In older versions, the word “Swiss” would appear on the dial near the six o’clock mark. These Swiss-made watches have many different styles that compliment a range of tastes and personalities. Continue reading

  • The Best Sunglasses for You

    Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories in modern day lives of both men and women. They should be - they are incredibly important in protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays that destroy the precious cells of the lens. Once these cells are damaged, there is no going back as damage to the lens is irreversible.

    When picking out sunglasses, you will probably take a couple of things into consideration. First, the style of sunglasses will likely be on the top of many people’s lists. Second, and more importantly, is the level of protection. Let’s look at the level of protection first.

    The level of protection is important because proper protection can prevent a whole host of problems. The damage caused to the lens of the eye can eventually lead to the development of cataracts. Cataracts require surgical removal. Another condition that can develop is macular degeneration, which is caused by damage to the retina of the eye. Macular degeneration can lead to poor eyesight, partial blindness, and in some extreme cases complete blindness. Continue reading

  • Swiss Watches: Curious to Know More?

    Swiss watches have been famous all around the globe for the high reliability, precision and elegant style. However, when it comes to buying an authentic Swiss-made watch, it is not an easy thing to be accomplished. However, if you have some basic knowledge of watch buying strategies, then, getting hold of top-class Swiss watches should not be a big deal for you.  All you have to do is to exercise some caution and choose carefully.

    Swiss watches are now available at a wide range of prices, so that users from all areas of life and financial backgrounds may be able to enjoy the glamour and pleasure of wearing a Swiss watch. Swiss watches not only provide watches at a variety of price points but they also offer a wide range of designs to suit different tastes. Swiss watches provide a showcase of diverse choices; with accommodative prices. Continue reading

  • Genuine Leather

    Natural leather is without a doubt one of the most in demand materials known to humankind. It is natural, comfortable, and always in style. It can be made into almost anything; shoes, clothes, bags, and furniture, just to name a few. The better quality the leather, the more expensive it is.

    There is more to leather than you might think. There are two general classifications of genuine leather; top/full-grain leather, which is closest to the upper surface of the animal’s skin and split leather, which is the lower level of the animal’s skin. This is a simple explanation but, there are, in fact, more detailed descriptions and layers of leather in between. Obviously, the top-grain leather is the more desirable and luxurious type of leather, as it appears more natural and is far more durable than split leather. Continue reading

  • Luxury Swiss Watches

    Many of us keep an eye on our favorite celebrities and watch what they eat, where they go and what they wear. A few people also like to know which watches celebrities love to wear.  Swiss watches are often found on the wrists of celebrities. They can be status symbols or they can be custom-designed . No matter your celebrity status or your status in the society, time is essential for everyone. How you keep track of your time and invest your time helps to define you and the type of person you are. The benefits of own a Swiss watch include:

    - Purchasing a luxury Swiss watch you will get a watch that is made by a professional.

    - Swiss watches have a certain cachet you will be able to get the attention of your friends and improve your self confidence.

    - You can wear a luxury Swiss watch with any outfit and look stylish.

    - Purchasing a luxury Swiss watch online is fast and straight forward. Home delivery is available.

    - You will always get fantastic deals on your watch on the web because costs are lower than in stores. Continue reading

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