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Sport Sunglasses

It’s summer time… which means more people are able to enjoy the great outdoors. Many people choose to protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses while outdoors. An alternative to traditional fashion sunglasses are sport sunglasses.

Sport sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Sport sunglasses can not only provide better optical quality and sport performance, but can also be equally as stylish. While well-known brands such as Oakley and Smith have long been selling sport sunglasses, luxury brands such as Gucci have also ventured into producing sport sunglasses.

The main way that sport sunglasses differ from traditional sunglasses is the way sport sunglasses seek to improve optical quality. Sport sunglasses focus on improving vision by reducing certain wavelengths into the eye, leading to less sensitivity. Additionally, sport sunglasses diminish glare by using polarized and often times, polycarbonate lenses. Some models of sports sunglasses lenses are also able to be switched out with prescription lenses, allowing for wear outside of sport activities.

In addition to the optical quality which sport sunglasses aim to improve, they also seek to be lightweight and are made with materials such as polyamide and nylon, which are lightweight, yet able to handle a multitude of outdoor environments.  All of these factors combined may give athletes better performance.

Xezo is pleased to announce that it has produced its own Air Commando and Incognito series of sport sunglasses made of 100% pure titanium. The Air Commando series is fitted with anti-reflection mirror-coated lenses, while the Incognito series features a larger frame and wider lens coverage than the Air Commando series. In addition, the new Incognito series features a proprietary semi-gloss finish on the frame in unique brush coffee and charcoal finishes. Both of these series will be available for sale beginning in Fall 2014.