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  • Fountain Pen Resurgence

    Fountain pens have long been in existence; in fact, skilled writers have used them for more than 5,000 years. Archaeologists have discovered early fountain pens that date back to the 10th century and even earlier. However, it wasn’t until the1800s that a large number of inventors began patenting their fountain pen designs.

    Throughout time, fountain pens have evolved, and while some may believe that this mode of writing is outdated, fountain pens prove to remain popular worldwide. According to a 2012 article by the BBC, Amazon fountain pen sales doubled in 2012, when compared with the same period in 2011.

    With this surge in fountain pen sales, designs have become more varied and intricate. Several pen makers, such as Aurora and Parker, cater their designs to female and adolescent fountain pen enthusiasts.

    The BBC article asserts several theories as to why fountain pens have seen resurgence in popularity. One reason may be due to the fact that fountain pens are now seen as becoming more of a luxury accessory than a writing tool for some people who collect them. Another factor may be that people relish returning to solid, traditional objects to make sense of a difficult and complex world.

    Pen shows are also helping to keep fountain pen enthusiasts engaged. Pen shows throughout the US occur in cities such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Xezo is currently planning on participating in various trade shows in 2015… stayed tuned for more information!

    Xezo currently manufactures two distinct styles of fountain nibs; both are German-crafted.  The Xezo standard medium-line fountain nib is bi-colored and contains 18K gold plating. In addition to fountain nibs being available for the Maestro, Legionnaire, Freelancer, Raptor and Phantom series, these fountain nibs will soon be available for the Incognito LG, Architect and new Golden Gate series. Additionally, Xezo manufacturers a solid 18K fine-line fountain nib which is currently available for the Maestro series of pens.

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