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  • Gift Giving Guide

    Tired of giving Dad the same old tie for Father's Day? Get him the perfect gift for any occasion: Time!

    Does my Dad need another watch? Of course! For most men, watches for men are like are purses for women; they need a collection so they have a watch for each of their needs. Dad may already have a well-crafted, gold or silver watch, but does he have a workout watch? A diving watch? What about a casual watch?

    What should I consider first? Finding a watch for someone else can be tricky, so make sure to take your time in selecting a watch for Dad. Make sure you have a good idea of what style of watch you want: waterproof, classic, dressy, casual. Use this to decide the types of materials you can choose from.

    Pick a style. Are you looking for an old-fashioned wind-up, battery powered, or high tech? Watches can be simple and beautiful, or space-aged. Is your father a gizmo collector? He may be interested in a combination watch/MP3 player, or a solar powered watch.

    Personalize it. Did you know you can get diamonds or other gems or crystals added to watches for that custom look? Think about custom diamonds or engravings for a personal touch to Dad's gift. Continue reading

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